South Florida Centre

Machar Colony, the location of the fishing industry, is a wasteland spanning five square kilometers and housing more than 700,000 people. An open industrial sewage drain cuts right through it, with no separation from or protective measures for the community around it. It was in this area that ChildLife Foundation extended support for a clinic in 2013. Named the South Florida Centre in honour of the gracious donations by the Pakistani expatriates living in Florida, the clinic has seen over 40,000 since inception. The children of Machar Colony are primarily engaged in the shrimp-shelling business and often develop skin and eye infections because of their work.

Updates & Stories


11-year-old Shahzad came to the South Florida Centre in Machar Colony clinic with a high fever and severe throat infection, caused by the changing weather and the unhygienic conditions in which he lives. Machar Colony, the location of the fishing […]