Hanif Adamjee Centre

The Hanif Adamjee Clinic, in Yousuf Arfani Goth, which opened its doors in September 2015, is the latest addition to ChildLife’s network.

Yousuf Arfani Goth has a population of approximately 315,000, comprising several ethnicities of which the Sindhi group forms the majority. As a community far from the city centre, in Bin Qasim Town, off the National Highway, this area has no medical facilities to speak of. The project to open up this clinic drew overwhelming support from the people in this area. The clinic will serve not just Yousuf Arfani Goth, but the adjoining areas of Abdullah Goth and Shafi Goth. The land was donated by the family of Yousuf Arfani, a prominent figure in the local community.

An average of 1200 children are brought to this clinic every month, where they are provided high quality consultation and treatment free of cost.

Updates & Stories

Humaira’s Story

14-month-old Humaira was running a high fever when she was brought to the ChildLife-SINA South Florida clinic in Machar Colony.