Raghib Foundation’s Shehnaz Memorial Centre

The Shahnaz Memorial Centre in Saindad Goth is a lifeline, not just for the people in the community – consisting of about 10,000 households – but also for the adjoining areas of Ayub Goth, Ibrahim Goth and Lassi Goth, home to daily wage earners and small business owners who cannot afford private healthcare. The clinic was formally inaugurated on May 13th 2015, supported by generous donations from Mr. Raghib Hussain, a California-based entrepreneur. The clinic has been named after his mother to honour his involvement.

Updates & Stories


Habiba, a three-year-old girl, had not slept for the past 24 hours when she was brought to Raghib Foundation’s Shahnaz Memorial Centre in Saindad Goth. She was coughing chronically and complaining of an earache. The doctor diagnosed her with severe […]