Preventive Care

ChildLife believes that prevention is better than cure. Near half of the patients visits any ChildLife ERs had problems that could have been easily prevented through basic preventive care.

According to the study of Lancet conducted in 2013, two thirds of all child deaths resulting from preventable causes (diarrhea, pneumonia, measles etc.) can be avoided through simple preventive interventions such as breastfeeding, immunization, zinc and vitamin A supplementation and hand washing. This encouraged ChildLife Foundation to initiate the Preventive Health Program (PHP).

Diarrhea is among the leading causes of death amongst children in Pakistan. UNICEF and WHO recommend the use of ORS along with zinc supplements to treat cases of diarrhea. The parents are registered with our ERs are sent messages about use of ORS, hand hygiene, vaccination, breastfeeding and other child health related matters.The purpose of the messages is to spread awareness about preventable diseases and to bring behavioral change among parents who receive messages.

Robocalls and pre-recorded voice messages that will be sent to patients coming in our ERs. We believe this will be highly effective especially for those who are not literate and will be a cost-effective periodic reminder.