Baby of Samina

Samina gave birth to her third child in a clinic near her house and they welcomed a very cute little boy in their lives. To their surprise, the little one’s feet were twisted by birth. They rushed him to ChildLife […]


Mustafa was brought to the ChildLife ER in Korangi because there were no healthcare facilities near their residence in Lali Goth. He was diagnosed with Pneumonia and will remain at the ER until his chest X Ray shows an improvement in his condition.

Fazal Abbass

Fazal did not cry when he was born. He is now 3 years old but does not talk at all. Parents got all the tests done but nothing has been diagnosed yet. He was bought to the ChildLife Foundation’s ER […]


Anila was 2.5 days old and was brought to the ChildLife emergency room with sepsis/ tetanus complain. After examination she was declared as critically ill by the doctor and was admitted in Neo-Nate resuscitation area for treatment and observation. She […]

Abid’s Story

Little Abid was brought to this clinic with a complaint of flu and fever. The youngest of three children and the apple of his family’s eye, he was diagnosed with viral infection and given appropriate medicines free of cost. The […]


“I pay Rs400 in transport to come to this ER,” says three-year-old Amin’s mother. As the mother of a three-year-old boy and a one-year-old girl, at 25, Shumaila is already familiar with the adversity that comes with childhood illnesses. “Last […]


“There are neither good doctors, nor good schools, in the interior,” says Raheela, who has just arrived from Dadu this morning. The young mother cradles her 3-month-old daughter and recounts how she fell ill, growing sicker with each passing day. […]

Mohammed Hasan

The first thing three-year-old Mohammed Hasan did after his breakfast, was run into the yard, grab the bottle of the energy drink he spotted there, and glug it down before anybody could stop him. The downside? The red liquid in […]

Twins of Amina Zeeshan

Amna gave birth to twin girls in a local gizri hospital. They were brought to The ChildLife Foundation’s Emergency Room with a complaint of poor respiration in the first day of their lives. These twins were very precious to the […]


Sheherbano was born prematurely as her mother suffers from hypertension and she was born at home. On her first day of life, she was brought to the ChildLife Foundation’s Emergency Room with a complaint of poor respiration. On examination, the […]