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*as on June 30, 2023

Giving Relief to a Parent's Heart

“When our daughter was born at civil hospital shikarpur, they said that she will not survive. We took her to ChildLife’s ER, they comforted us by saying that she is ours now, we will take care of her ourselves; and they did care for my child.” - Father of a child treated at ChildLife's Telemedicne Site in Shikarpur

“We pray for the people who treat our children, and why wouldn’t we? Our children get free treatment here. May Allah bless them and keep them happy always with their family who treated our children.” - Mother of a Child treated at ChildLife's ER in Larkana

My grandson was not breathing, I thought he would not survive. But after the treatment at ChildLife ER, his condition improved a lot, and we did not have to pay a single penny for the treatment.” - Grandmother of a Child treated at ChildLife's ER in Lyari

“My child was suffering from loose motions & vomiting for quite a long time, I took him to several doctors but to no avail. Then I visited ChildLife’s ER in Quetta, the doctors and nurses there were very good-natured people who took proper care of my daughter. There’s no bigger cause than working for humanity, and those who do are surely blessed with big hearts.” - Father of a Child treated at ChildLife's ER in Quetta

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