Referral Clinic 1 (Hilal e Ahmer)

Patients with conditions that cannot be treated in the clinics are referred to ChildLife-SINA referral clinic located at Hilal-e-Ahmer Hospital, Clifton, where specialists and senior doctors are available for consultation and procedures. If a condition cannot be treated at the referral clinic either, the case is escalated to a tertiary hospital under agreement with SINA. This referral and visit takes place under guidance of ChildLife-SINA’s staff.

Updates & Stories

Fazal Abbass

Fazal did not cry when he was born. He is now 3 years old but does not talk at all. Parents got all the tests done but nothing has been diagnosed yet. He was bought to the ChildLife Foundation’s ER […]

B/O Samita

6 days old, baby of Samita was bought to the ChildLife Emergency Room with severe respiratory issues and fever from Mangopir, which is approximately 36 km away from the ER. Samita had already given birth to 2 children at home […]