Hajra and Ahmed Umer Centre

The Hajra and Ahmed Umer Centre is located in Jumma Goth, in the heart of Korangi, inside a decommissioned Tuberculosis Isolation Centre. A section of the large facility has been repurposed to establish a standard ChildLife-Sina Clinic. Artistic Fabric Mills (Pvt) Ltd and Artistic Garment Industries extended its support in the construction and operation of this clinic and, since January 24, 2015, close to 30,000 patients have been treated here, half of them children.

The population of Jumma Goth is over half a million and consists of a wide variety of religions and ethnicities.

Updates & Stories

Ali Hasan

7-year-old Ali Hasan was brought to the Hajra and Ahmed Umer Centre in Jumma Goth suffering from severe throat infection and high fever. His mother was happy with the treatment at this clinic and was glad to have it in […]