B/O Samita

6 days old, baby of Samita was brought to the ChildLife Emergency Room with severe respiratory issues and fever from Mangopir, which is approximately 36 km away from the ER. Samita had already given birth to 2 children at home […]

Humaira’s Story

14-month-old Humaira was running a high fever when she was brought to the ChildLife-SINA South Florida clinic in Machar Colony.


The Austin Centre in Old Sabzi Mandi provides free-of-cost healthcare to this community and has treated over 30,000 patients since its inception. One of them is Samavia, a 9-month-old girl who came with a respiratory complaint. Her mother was worried […]


11-year-old Shahzad came to the South Florida Centre in Machar Colony clinic with a high fever and severe throat infection, caused by the changing weather and the unhygienic conditions in which he lives. Machar Colony, the location of the fishing […]


Nabila, a 9-years-old girl, was brought to the Qamar and Ibrahim Rashid Center in Mewashah with a high fever and a cough. The eldest of four siblings, she had been complaining of a sore throat for the past two days. […]


Little Abid was brought to Patel Clinic, North Nazimabad with a complaint of flu and fever.

Ali Hasan

7-year-old Ali Hasan was brought to the Hajra and Ahmed Umer Centre in Jumma Goth suffering from severe throat infection and high fever. His mother was happy with the treatment at this clinic and was glad to have it in […]


Habiba, a three-year-old girl, had not slept for the past 24 hours when she was brought to Raghib Foundation’s Shahnaz Memorial Centre in Saindad Goth. She was coughing chronically and complaining of an earache. The doctor diagnosed her with severe […]


Amna is a 35-years-old resident of Jaran Para and has 4 children. Her husband transports raw material using a donkey cart, for which he pays a monthly rent. Amna and her children get ill quite often due to their poor […]

Imran Rehmat

During the heatwave of 2015, 10-month-old Imran Rehmat came to the NICH emergency room with his father and grandmother. He was having high fever and had been convulsed by fits and uncontrollable neck-twisting. Worried by his son’s condition, his father […]