Nabila, a 9-years-old girl, was brought to the Qamar and Ibrahim Rashid Center in Mewashah with a high fever and a cough. The eldest of four siblings, she had been complaining of a sore throat for the past two days. Her mother observes strict purdah which makes it difficult for her to commute to hospitals and clinics outside the area. Finally, she had managed to bring Nabila to this ChildLife-SINA clinic. The doctor’s interrogation revealed that Nabila regularly ate churan, a sour powder, which is easily available for Rs.2. The doctor advised Nabila to stop eating churan as she was underweight and susceptible to various diseases. She also told her mother to give Nabila milk and other nutritious foods to improve her health. Nabila’s mother responded by telling the doctor that her husband had been unemployed for the past 8 months and they had to resort to borrowing simply to fulfill their basic necessities.