Plans Ready For The Largest Children’s Are In Karachi (November 2012)

The National Institute of Child Health is the second largest public sector hospital for children in Pakistan. It serves almost a thousand children every day and deals with almost all types of pediatric diseases and emergencies.

The Emergency Room of NICH has been working way beyond capacity and is always under tremendous workload. There has been a clear need for expansion and redesigning of the facility as well as support for its day to day running. CLF has signed a Memorandum of Understanding with the government of Sindh to expand, redesign and manage the ER along the lines of its ER project at the Civil Hospital, Karachi

Renowned architect Shahid Abdullah of ASA, has agreed to help design the project. His team headed by Aasia Hussain has been working on this project for several months and the final plans are now ready. The redesigned and expanded ER will have an eventual capacity for more than 55 beds, which will be double of its existing bed strength.

During the construction, the ER will be moved to a temporary structure. This will later serve as a waiting area for the hundreds of attendants that are present at the hospital every day. The work on this structure is starting next week and shall be completed within 16 working days. The construction on the permanent ER shall be initiated by December 15, 2012.