ChildLife Foundation has partnered with Brac Pakistan To Work On Our Preventive Health Program (15th June 2015)

ChildLife Foundation has partnered with BRAC Pakistan to work on our Preventive Health Program. The first site of the program will be Shireen Jinnah Colony, catering to about 6000 households (Approximately 45,000 population). The program will address some of the most prevalent health issues in destitute communities such as Shireen Jinnah that can be vastly reduced through this intervention. The center point of operation would be the ChildLife’s primary care clinic operating in the area. The program will target malnutrition, sanitation and hygiene, maternal care, and childhood diseases and immunizations through various community intervention programs. This will result in improved knowledge and access to basic health services. BRAC Pakistan is a subsidiary of BRAC, which is the largest NGO in the world, with branches in 11 countries reaching out to 131 million people. BRAC focuses on poverty alleviation and community empowerment, whereas ChildLife provides emergency, primary and preventive care to low-resource communities. This year ChildLife would be treating 800,000 patients.