Austin Funded Children’s Clinic Takes Off (October 2012)

The first outpatient clinic of CLF in Karachi started off in the old Sabzi Mandi area off Jail Road. At the premises, CLF shall start providing Urgent Care Services in the near future.

CLF has an important strategic partnership with SINA Trust to develop a network of clinics in Karachi. Under this partnership, the team has successfully started its first outpatient clinic. It is targeted that Sabzi Mandi clinic is to cater to more than 2,500 children around its catchment areas.

Children coming to the clinic are receiving treatment without paying any charges for their treatment or the medicines that are prescribed and given to them. Most of the families live in the katchi abadi (urban slum) in Mano Goth. The population mostly consists of immigrant Pathan and Punjabi families, who are living below the line of poverty.

CLF, with the generous support of the gracious Pakistani community based in Austin, Texas, is providing quality health care at no cost.