13th SINA – ChildLife Clinic in Moach Goth

On Saturday, February 20, 2016, ChildLife and SINA inaugurated their second clinic of 2016 and 13th clinic to-date, the Musa Soorty Center in Moach Goth, Karachi. This clinic will not only provide quality healthcare to Moach Goth, but will also serve the adjoining areas of Bismillah Colony and Kachi Para. The clinic has been sponsored by Mr. Abdul Rashid Soorty of Soorty Enterprises. Located off the Hub River road, Moach Goth’s longstanding sewage problems have led to the spread of disease and infection among residents. Before the opening of this clinic, the people here had no recourse to a healthcare facility. In its first five hours of operations, the clinic treated 106 patients. Over 130 patients are expected to visit the Musa Soorty Center every day, with 30,000 benefiting from this clinic annually.
With your help we believe we can provide quality primary healthcare to the people with no access to it.