Hajiani Amina Hasham Clinic

Emergency Room Info

SINA’s Ittehad Clinic was established in 2009 in Ittehad Colony, Korangi 2.5. The clinic was initially built to cater to 15,000 patients annually, however, due to lack of good quality healthcare facility in the area, the patient load more than doubled in a couple of years. It is when the Hasham Foundation stepped in and took the responsibility of not only establishing a new and bigger facility, but also supporting the operations of the clinic. This new ChlidLife – Sina Clinic – Hajiani Amina Hasham Centre was inaugurated on Saturday the 20th of August. The clinic is equipped to treat over 30,000 patients annually, 6 days a week, 8 hours a day. SINA would like to thank the Hasham Family for their generous support for the cause.

Patient Stories